What our Customers say...


We appreciated how quickly SERVPRO was able to help us solve the problem the excellent communication. 

Jeff and Mike were true professionals The products that were used to repair the house were excellent quality. Workmanship is outstanding. 

I truly appreciate the manager, he cares about the safety and needs of the customers very much! Overall great workmanship and good coordination's. Actually I have saved more than $15,000 going through SERVPRO of Tacoma. Thank you so much!

I was satisfied with the overall professionalism. 

Reggie and his guys were efficient and took care of my flooding quickly. I appreciate that they cleaned up everything, hauled away and damaged carpet and sheetrock, and baseboards and made it easier for the contractor to start the repairs.

I was satisfied with their professionalism and the friendliness of the workers.

I was satisfied with Jason and Burgess. They were caring, professional, and responsive.

I appreciate the way SERVPRO took their time and responded to all of my needs and requests. They amazed us. We needed the work done buy August 1 but originally wasn't supposed to even start the job until August. But after we spoke with SERVPRO about the importance of the work being completed by that date they came in and got it done by July 31. We were truly amazed. 

The work that needed to be done ran into some interesting stumbling blocks that SERVPRO had no control over. They handled it perfectly. One stumbling block was that the flooring was found to be a defective batch. It was recognized immediately and corrected quickly. Also, the weather. We had an unusual amount of snow during the repair. I told them to not even try to come to the house until it was safe. I did not want anyone to get hurt bringing materials into the house while walking on the slippery ground. Once the weather cleared they resumed as if they had never left. Communication was always good. We were kept informed of every step. 

SERVPRO was professional and friendly, and we had a highly positive experience with them. I would absolutely recommend using SERVPRO! 

From the very beginning to the very end, while the process is stressful they did the best they could to keep the communication open and make it as less stressful as possible. We couldn't say nicer things. We were very pleased with the customer service and were pleased to be able to work with them instead of a fly by night company and we really appreciate it. 

Very professional. Quick response and such great service! 

Very good and helpful crew including the office staff. Very professional, organized and friendly. 

I had water damage at my house, and with all of the snow, they were able to come out today to inspect. This company is very professional, and all of the technicians were wonderful. They explained the whole process, and were very helpful in getting the water cleaned up. Considering how bad the roads are, it shows the dedication of this local franchise of going the extra mile for the customer. I highly recommend you use their service.

Unfortunately, we had a fire in one of our rental properties. Luckily, no one was hurt. We called SERVPRO on the advice of our insurance company and we are glad we did. They cleaned. painted, etc. and had it all done in a timely fashion. We would definitely use them again.  


We love SERVPRO of Tacoma! After our master bath shower failed and flooded our basement we were in need of a big fix-it team. Everyone we worked with was super friendly, comforting, knowledgeable, and understanding - you couldn't ask for better service. Jeff came out to assess the damage and the next thing we knew we had a crew of people to restore our home back to normal. Everything was coordinated and done efficiently and with superior craftsmanship. Every question I had (which I'm SURE were many) was answered and even in the middle of the pandemic we were able to complete the job safely. We couldn't be happier with the service of SERVPRO and the quality of the work. If you're in need of a compassionate company that truly cares about the work they do and the community they serve, look no further than SERVPRO of Tacoma!

Wow, what GREAT SERVICE.  As a GM of a hotel, I had a guest accidently fall asleep with the tub running.  The water damage went through 3 floors.  Jason and his team jumped in right away and immediately took action.  They not on did the water restoration but recommended another good company for the rebuild.  Anytime I had a question or concern I called and Jason was available. Jason and his team were professional and polite around my guests and staff. The topper was they made sure I was happy and checked in frequently.  I can't say enough about Jason and his team.

Great, caring, professional service. Outstanding, prompt, exacting customer care. Would recommend anytime.

Our home had a water leak from our water heater while we were gone on a family vacation over spring break. I called late at night, got someone on the phone asap and they were on site that night to start cleaning up. They did a great job, kept me in the loop daily since I was away, and dealt with my insurance to ensure everything was covered. I highly recommend these guys!!

Our home had a water leak from our water heater while we were gone on a family vacation over spring break. I called late at night, got someone on the phone asap and they were on site that night to start cleaning up. They did a great job, kept me in the loop daily since I was away, and dealt with my insurance to ensure everything was covered. I highly recommend these guys!!

Jason, LaTonya, and Nick were so helpful, kind, efficient, and they got my basement cleaned quickly. They worked with my landlady to secure payment, and they were available in under a week to help me with a job the former contractor had left undone for months. I was really impressed with their quality of work, and I highly recommend their services. Thanks y’all! It was such a pleasure to meet you!

I called SERVPRO of Tacoma after extensive smoke damage made my house uninhabitable. Jason came over right away and immediately won my confidence with his understanding of the situation and plan of action. He worked with my insurance company and put his team to work. Latonya managed the project in the house with a degree of care and attention (for me and my belongings) that reassured me, everyday, that this disaster was being handled in the best possible way. She was extremely thorough, professional and personable. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Our hotel had major water damage in 3 rooms. Jason and his team immediately jumped in and handled the problem with no disruption to my guests. Jason was professional and was always available by phone. He made sure I was up to date on the time frame and process. The team was awesome as well. What a well run company!

Ten stars to this company! We had a leak from one of the upper floors in our Bldg. Naturally this occurred at midnight Lloyd and his wonderful team showed up and quickly took control of the situation, installing removable equipment to dry the floors and bathroom walls Our carpet was badly stained by the leak but after everything had dried the crew showed up and steamed cleaned the carpeting. The stains are gone I wouldn't hesitate to call SERVPRO, in particular Lloyd, again. He and his team are responsive, professional, courteous and competent. I highly recommend.

In December of 2017, when Washington had such awful weather events, my house sprung a few leaks. The weather caused such awful damages to the house. I called SERVPRO of Tacoma, that was absolutely the best move I could have made. Between Nick and Jason, and many others, they did such a wonderful and amazing job chasing all of the water. They quarantined areas of the house affected by black mold, and every single day they cleaned not only after the house, but themselves. If you need any help with home restoration, please call these boys! They are an immense help, and the sweetest to have around.

We had a large fire at our home and our insurance company recommended SERVPRO of Tacoma.  They made a very stressful situation much better.  The team that worked on our house was fantastic- from cleaning and painting our walls, to packing and cleaning our content, these guys were awesome.  My family is very grateful!  Thank you SERVPRO of Tacoma

SERVPRO of Tacoma provides great service.

I am really satisfied with the work. I will recommend SERVPRO of Tacoma.

The technicians who came to my home were very nice. 

It was awesome to have the same technicians from the first day on the job throughout the entire project. Thank you!

The guys that come out and did the work were friendly and knowledgeable. 

Thank you for taking such great care of my home!

SERVPRO of Tacoma is the best!

Very good service. The technicians were prompt and professional.

I have no recommendations. The technicians were helpful and professional.

The office staff were always so kind, helpful, and professional. They kept me up to date on everything. Excellent job, thank you!

Thanks for your timely and much appreciated help with an ugly mess.

The technicians were very professional in their work but also kind in working with us through this loss.

The technicians did a wonderful job!

The staff were very professional. I would recommend them to friends and family. 

I couldn't be more please with SERVPRO of Tacoma. The staff were very professional.

Thank you SERVPRO of Tacoma for the timely response, work completed, explanation of the process, and professionalism throughout the mold cleaning in my home. 

I would recommend SERVPRO of Tacoma to friends and family. The technicians were great!

The staff we met and the office support were great. They made an unfortunate situation much better.

The technicians were prompt on arrival and professional on appearance and communication. I would definitely call on SERVPRO of Tacoma again, if needed. The office staff made me feel that they were concerned about my problem and wanted to get someone out ASAP. The technicians were a joy to work with.

It was awesome having the same technicians follow the job from start to finish. The crew was great!

Thank you for your outstanding services and support! The technicians are quality employees who provide excellent services for mold cleaning.

I was very impressed with the way the work crew conducted their work. They were very professional and did great work. 

The technicians and office staff were exceptional! They were very professional and courteous. Thank you.

We were impressed by SERVPRO of Tacoma's professionalism. We would definitely recommend them to others!

SERVPRO of Tacoma was referred to me by two other people. They were very professional and courteous and I will also be referring them to friends and family.

My incident was discovered at night. They came at 10:30 pm and were great. Even though it was late, they were professional and friendly. 

The crew was excellent! They were very timely, careful, and professional. I will always recommend SERVPRO of Tacoma.

They were very helpful with answering my questions and they were very confident in the work they were doing. 

The crew was professional and honest. I would recommend them to anyone. 

We were very happy with the service provided by the technicians. They were prompt, kind, and considerate. We would recommend them to friends and family. Their calm demeanor helped reduce our stress. Thank you!

I was very satisfied with all of the staff who worked on my home. The lead technician's guidance made the process much easier.

I was most impressed by the prompt response to my residence. Thank you!

Your technicians were very professional, nice, and hard working.

Excellent service all around with this situation. It was good to be able to count on prompt and efficient help. 

The technicians who did the sewer clean up were very friendly and did a great job. I can't thank them enough!

Thanks to the office staff and crew for such an outstanding job. We look forward to using you in the future for cleaning!

The technicians were so kind and respectful in our home. Thank you!

The guys provided nothing less than outstanding service. Thanks to all who cleaned up our flood!

Thank you so very much for helping me with this mess! Your crew was great. The technicians who came to my house were awesome!

The technicians were absolutely wonderful. I was comfortable with them in my house. I would definitely recommend SERVPRO of Tacoma to my friends. Thanks so much!

Very professional staff who got right to work to resolve our problem. Good job and keep up the good work!

I was very impressed with the technician's attention to detail. They were very courteous when cleaning up the water damage at my salon. 

I was very pleased with the crew! They are very friendly and knowledgeable. 

The crew is awesome and full of great people! They did a great job cleaning my home.

The technicians provided great assistance and assurance during the process!

SERVPRO of Tacoma's crew is very professional and always came at the agreed time.

The technicians did an outstanding job at drying out our home.

The technicians were great. They did good work and were very nice overall. Thank you!

The crew was courteous and efficient.

Great on time service. I highly recommend SERVPRO of Tacoma for emergency situations due to a storm!

The work completed by the technicians was great! I would definitely recommend SERVPRO of University Place/Lakewood West to friends and family. 

The technicians were very professional and answered all of our questions. We're thankful they came out at 3 am to remedy the disaster on Super Bowl Sunday.

The technicians at SERVPRO of Tacoma do a great job and are very friendly!

SERVPRO of Tacoma staff are professional, courteous, and polite!

SERVPRO of Tacoma was a great help with getting everything done! We really appreciated their patience and understanding when dealing with the insurance company. 

The technicians at SERVPRO of Tacoma are respectful, kind, and great workers. Your crew deserves the highest of compliments for the work they do.

The SERVPRO of Tacoma staff is amazing. They are always super friendly and professional. We appreciate the time and effort they spent to check in with us. 

SERVPRO of Tacoma provided excellent service. My clients' home is so much cleaner making it a healthy environment for him. He and his roommates are very happy with the outcome. If, in the future, I have another client in need of your services, I will definitely reach out to SERVPRO of Tacoma.

We have had a lot of work done on our home over the past year and SERVPRO of Tacoma's repair crew was the best! They were the most professional, informative, and timely technicians.

The technicians helped clean up water damage that affected 3 bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, hallway, and living room in my home. They always showed up on time and got right to work. The technicians are low key, personable, and stopped whatever they were engaged in to answer any questions that I had. 

We had a large office building sustain some smoke damage and our insurance company referred SERVPRO of Tacoma. They were fast, courteous, and kept us in the loop as the job went on.

The SERVPRO staff made this experience as stress free as possible being so far away from my property. They are great!

The technicians were great! Our dishwasher leak was a terrible experience for us but the crew made it much easier to endure. Very nice and knowledgeable!

Thank you for going above and beyond when boxing up my water damaged belongings. My things were handled with care and were kept safe. SERVPRO of Tacoma provides outstanding service!

I was particularly impressed with how well the team worked together to accomplish the work. Having a fire in your home is emotionally draining. By engaging me in the decision process for my belongings and not pushing me, I was able to remain calm.

Everyone who came to our home acted with courtesy and respect. They communicated the process and what they were doing, to whom it needed to be communicated with. We appreciate all they did to complete the dry out, save as much of our house as possible, and prevent mold.

We just want to thank the SERVPRO team for all the hard work they did. They took the time to explain everything to us numerous times as it was very emotional for us. Thank you SERVPRO!!

The crew was great! They explained everything thoroughly and the work was completed in the time frame they provided, upon initial inspection. They answered all my questions so I was confident in them and the work being done by their team.

The technicians kept me up to date on everything, even the small things. They answered any questions I had with prompt and accurate answers. They are a great team. I will use SERVPRO of Tacoma for any future water losses.

They were extremely helpful and courteous during the process of dealing with my content after a water damage in my apartment.

SERVPRO of Tacoma is awesome! We had our whole house full of water due to a broken pipe on the top floor. SERVPRO was on site within the hour, explained the process to us, and proceeded to make this experience as easy as it could be, given the circumstances.

The SERVPRO team was great. They had our place back to normal in no time at all.

The technicians were the best. They were very knowledgeable and professional. Very pleased with their work!

The staff were all very helpful and understand during the entire chaotic situation. Thank you!

The staff was very professional and pleasant to work with. Their professionalism and dedication to getting the job done right, the first time, was obvious. Outstanding service!