Recent Before & After Photos

Local store has a water damage

A local store in Tacoma had a water damage. They called us to clean up the damage and restore the store. They could not have been more pleased!

We will clean more than your home.

SERVPRO of Tacoma stays up to date on the latest technology that will benefit our customers after experience the traumatic experience like a fire in their home.... READ MORE

Smoke and Soot spreads fast.

When a house fire happens, it doesn't matter how big or small was, there will be an extensive amount of damage. Most fire damage comes from the flames and heat... READ MORE

Double Trouble with Water

This featured before and after photo was a tag team from an ice dam and a leaking shower. Upon initial inspection, it was believed to be just an ice dam but aft... READ MORE

Water Damage in Commercial Property

A faulty roof drainage system cause leak to spread throughout the attic and down the walls of this rental home. Often, modern homes are plumbed using PEX flexi... READ MORE

Leaking Ceiling in a Rental

This rental had a leaking roof which caused damage throughout the house and down the walls. The roof caved in on the living room and other rooms of this beauti... READ MORE

Dishwasher Leak in Tacoma, WA

There was a dishwasher that affected the kitchen for this customer. The water went under the flooring and cabinetry which we had to remove in order to dry it o... READ MORE

Graffiti Cleaning in Tacoma, WA

Unfortunately, graffiti is still a type of vandalism that happens in Tacoma. But never fear! Our technicians are specially trained to remove this type of vandal... READ MORE

Barn Repairs in Tacoma

This was something a little out of the norm for us - our customer wanted us to repair the damage to her barn that had happened due to the roof collapsing. The p... READ MORE